Updated Date Night Ideas Page

Just finished off compiling 174+ (and counting) date ideas all in one place! Check it out!! Send us your creative and fun date ideas to…




The Dating Dilemma Solved! Hurrah!

I always dreaded deciding what to do on dates or how to ask guys to an upcoming school dance. I would ask around school looking for ideas but everyone seemed to give me the same ones. I wanted something different. I wanted to be unique. From my frustration I came up with this idea that would compile all of the ideas for dates, costumes and ways to ask guys to dances all in one spot. I wouldn’t need to jump from one Pinterest board to another, right? And that is where this blog was born.

So there ya have it. Everything that you need all in one place. Just click and pick. It’s that easy. 

If there is an idea brewing in your mind that you just can’t keep to yourself… EMAIL us and we’ll make sure it ends up here for all to see. Didn’t think being famous would be that easy right?